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From the Founder/President Desk

Over three decades have passed since I have been travelling on this long journey of entrepreneurial excellence in education through the creation of JR School in 1981. Decades of deep passion, vision, hard work and dedication which have contributed in shaping the evolving world of training and education in Mauritius. Indeed, a remarkable contribution towards positioning Mauritius as the knowledge and education hub.

Starting up with 8 students only, now JR School has more than 2000 students. This journey has been full of low and high tides but it is still running very strong with a high market share in the sector it operates. JR School has long joined the band wagon of international models in the training and education sector, recognised as one of the best private schools in Africa. I am proud to say that JR School's reputation has reached international shores and in this context we already have 25 foreign students from African, US, UK and Asian countries.


A sharp visionary approach, a vibrant leadership, focused objectives and the ability to continuously innovate through diversifying the range of quality courses continue to be JR School's key critical success factors.


Its rich portfolio of MQA Approved/Accredited and TEC Accredited courses include quality but affordable courses for all level of students and adults. From vocational to technical, over to professional and tertiary, JR School has left no stone unturned to get the best from India, China, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, UK, Switzerland, US, Canada, New Zealand. JR School's modern tertiary education and corporate training institute, is symbolical of the progress achieved and the represents my vision for the way forward.


JR School has adopted an integrated approach towards a responsible and sustainable educational model: it has included social and leisure activities, performing arts, sports and fitness, martial arts from international fames as well as entrepreneurial activities to further support and enhances academia. The concept of sustainable Mauritius is taught right at the beginning with applications put into practice through real life projects. Students are thus encouraged to become responsible citizens while acquiring entrepreneurial skills. The new branding exercise and new corporate identity has been made possible thanks to the unflinching support of the JR School Team, its trainers, students, parents, local, government and international institutions, partners and stakeholders.


Whichever training you choose, whether you are a student, adult or entrepreneur, or corporate entity, we welcome you on board an innovative education system in the warm environment of JR School. Thanks to all of you for your contribution in positioning JR School as the reliable partner and shining star par excellence.


Our vision of nurturing talents for the global economy has long become reality and a way of life: because we care for your future.


Dr. Rajcoomar JHURRY

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