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A Pillar Company in Education was born- JR SCHOOL

Company Profile

Hereunder is a brief history of key dates in the existence of JR School since its inception in a small garage of his house in 1981 by Dr Rajcoomar Jhurry, now well known pioneer and leader in spearheading innovation and development in the training & education sector. With its 2000 students and more thousands of employees trained in different companies and a panoplea of 250 Award and Non-Award courses, JR School has positioned itself as one of the most strategic educational partner in Mauritius and at International level.

Vision Statement

  • To continuously nurture talents for the global economy.

Mission Statement

  • To contribute to the economic and social development of the region by enhancing the potential of individuals

Core Values

  • Justified decisions
  • Right Actions
  • Service Excellence
  • Creative and innovative
  • Holistic approach
  • One Team One Spirit
  • Openness
  • Learning Organisation


JR School maintains a particular commitment to addressing the cultural, economic, educational, environmental, health, and social needs of its customers.

In fulfilling this mission, we value:

  • Accessible and affordable quality education that equips students with intellectual and professional skills, ethical principles, and an international perspective.
  • A strong foundation in experiential education to enhance students' personal and professional growth.
  • A robust intellectual environment that values social and cultural diversity, free expression, collegiality, integrity, and mutual respect.
  • A safe, diverse, team-oriented, ethically responsible, and respectful workplace environment that develops the professional capacities of our faculty and staff.

To achieve a leadership position in training and education, we will:

  • Implement our Strategic Plan and Marketing Plan and related administrative plans.
  • Assess our progress using benchmarks appropriate to the goals articulated by our programs and in our plans.
  • Create meaningful collaborations among institutions, business, and community leaders to address issues and opportunities of the region.
  • Develop an infrastructure that makes learning accessible
  • Pursue opportunities to enhance personal wellness through recreational activities.

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